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Wybierz nielimitowany Internet Światłowodowy!

Ciesz się swobodnym, super szybkim dostępem do informacji i multimediów w domu lub firmie.

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    Internet 300 Mb/s
    49 zł / month

    Download 300 Mb/s
    Upload 300 Mb/s
    Contract: 24 months 

    Internet 600 Mb/s
    59 zł / month

     Download 600 Mb/s
    Upload 600 Mb/s
    Contract: 24 months

    Internet 1 Gb/s
    69 zł / month

    Download 1000 Mb/s
    Upload 1000 Mb/s
    Contract: 24 months


     0 zł / month

    TV 46 CHANNELS incl. 23 HD

    Digital television available with fibre


     25 zł / month

    TV 96 CHANNELS incl. 58 HD

    Digital television available with fibre


     45 zł / mies

    TV 155 CHANNELS incl. 100 HD

    Digital television available with fibre


     55 zł / mies

    TV 196 CHANNEL incl. 131 HD

    Digital television available with fibre

    Internet up to
    1 Gb/s

    Fast and reliable – this is the name of our Internet offer. Thanks to cutting-edge solutions we guarantee best service for home and for business. Premium speeds let you use services on all home devices without loss of quality. Check our Internet plans and select one or go for a bundle with television.

    HD Television
    with up to 196 channels

    Our wide selection of channels gives everyone something to watch: from documentaries to sports to latest drama series. Select your package and enjoy television right away.

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    Selected channels in HD

    Internet for

    With speeds up to 1 Gb/s

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    Local business + Flexible products

    We have been present in Lublin and the region for years: we are from here. We feel part of the community and this motivates us even more to provide quality services.

    Latest solutions

    We continue to develop for our customers. We systematically introduce cutting-edge solutions and aim for the best possible quality of both television and Internet.

    Experience and growing market share

    The two decades in the industry have given us a pool of satisfied customers and brand recognition. We are also richer in experience affecting our offer and service quality.