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Air quality in Lublin and Łęczna

In order to present the air quality information online, we use the Air Quality Scale comprising parameters automatically measured in Poland as well as the Air Quality Index. The scale was developed using the directives of the Ministry of Environment of 24 August 2012 concerning the levels of various substances in the air (Dz. U of 2012, item 1031).

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How to read the parameters?

See the caption to evaluate the air quality in your area.

Jakość powietrza PM10 PM2.5
Bardzo dobry 0-20 0-12
Dobry 20-60 12-36
Umiarkowany 60-100 36-60
Dostateczny 100-140 60-84
Zły 140-200 84-120
Bardzo zły >200 >120