Fiberoptic Internet

Affordable Internet for home and business

1 gb/s

za 59 PLN / mo

Special 20th Anniversary Pricen

Fast and affordable
Internet for home

Internet 100 Mb/s
39 zł / month

 Download 100 Mb/s
 Upload 25 Mb/s
Contract: 24 months

Internet 300 Mb/s
49 zł / month

Download 300 Mb/s
Upload 50 Mb/s
Contract: 24 months

Internet 1 Gb/s
59 zł / month

Download 1000 Mb/s
Uploade 300 Mb/s
Contract: 24 months

New customers pay a one-time activation charge. Add a low-price Wi-Fi router!

Activation 19 PLN (Internet)
Television + Internet 29 PLN

*Confirmation of activation charge at checkout. If you are already an Enterpol customer, there is no activation charge.

 Router 100 Mb/s for 65 PLN

Perfect for television and online gaming

Router 1 Gb/s for 135 PLN

High-speed solution

Enterpol services may vary depending on location

check availability and request an offer tailored to your needs

Check availability in your area

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    Affordable fibre Internet with a 9-month contract

    Fast and reliable, perfect for multiple devices

    Downlaod 100 Mb/s | 300 Mb/s | 1000 Mb/s
    Upload 25 Mb/s | 50 Mb/s | 300 Mb/s
    Krótka 9-month contracts

    Internet 100 mb/s 39 PLN

    Internet 300 mb/s 49 PLN

    Internet 1000 mb/s 59 PLN


    We offer fast and affordable fiberoptic lines in Lublin, Turka, and Łęczna.

    Our fiberoptic lines guarantee reliable and high speeds. It is a solution that never loses reception and always provides speeds you want.

    We offer fiberoptic services in the Lublin region and in Lublin, Turka, and Łęczna. We have built a considerable customer base in the region and continue to expand, always providing best-quality services.

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    Bundles offer more for less money

    HD Digital Television

    Your daily window to the world.


    Stay in touch with your family. Call whenever you want and talk as long as you want.

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